Kristely is the fully integrated translation, localization and content management service provider with a global service model enabling clients to reach a global audience by translating and localizing their products and adapting these to local languages and cultures through the many certified translators.​


We work with over 7000 carefully selected translators from all over the world and work with over 100 languages. Our translators and editors focus in highly specialized fields such as legal translation, medical information, pharmaceutical documents, financial statements, IT, technical manuals, Marketing, etc. We have extensive language translation experience in all subject matters. Kristely uses the most qualified and knowledgeable human linguists from different specilist markets to provide the highest quality translations. We only work with natives and translators who have a degree in their field of translation and who have over 5 years of experience in working as a translator.





We offer the best prices with the highest quality providing the best solutions in the industry.





To ensure quality, our translators only ever translate into their native language. 


Our team is comprised of in-house and freelance linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders and quality assurance managers, all with a solid professional background in language translation and interpreting. We work intimately wih our translators and nurture existing working relationships in order to get the very best from them.


We receive inquiries from clients with all kinds of special requirements, from extended time-frames to rapid delivery, and a massive variety of language pairings.


We are a very flexible and friendly team that prides ourselves on working with partners who value quality, who are willing to communicate honestly and openly, and build relationships based on mutual respect.


Project management


Our project managers are confident and ambitious people with an excellent organizational ability. They have a large experience of working to targets, can be relied upon to archieve high standards of work through excellent attention to detail. Respond positively to pressure with initiative and common sense as well as with excellent communication skills.


In addition all our translations are proofread by a second linguist. A project manager synchronises all processes and ensures compliance with any requests and arrangements.


You can rely on us wth:


Translation of different document formats and sizes


Language quality services


Multilingual desktop publishing


Translations memory

Terminology database

Express service for urgent translations.